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We are blessed to have the annual business of our customers due to the popularity of the calendars since 1983!

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Quotes It has helped me to see what days are holidays and what days are postiniy days. Quotes
Paraskovia Lalev
I like them!

Quotes Dear in Christ: + The Lord Bless You. We as monks found this calendar to be of great help to us, absolutely a need for all Old Believers. Very satisfied, we shall keep all in our prayers before the Holy Icons. on Facebook: Holy Nativity of the Mother of God Skete. May Isus and the Bogoroditsa grace you for such beautiful work. our deepest of respect , prayers, and bows to all. +God Bless You . Father Monk John and Father Monk Matthew-Stavrophore Monks. Quotes
Father Monk Matthew
Stavrophore Monk-OldBeliever

Quotes I remember when dad first started publishing this calendar for our family to follow the fasting days and plan for vacation days on upcoming holydays. Today these calendars are distributed worldwide to thousands of customers and serve as a great reference in most Russian Old Believer's daily lives. God bless you Father Pavel, love you. :) Quotes
Luba Fefelov
calendar testimonial

Quotes These calendars are great! They help me learn about the Old Believers' traditions and holidays in a way that I can easily understand and follow. They are a must for anyone interested in learning about Russian Orthodoxy. Quotes

Quotes It doesn't surprise me that Dad's Russian Old Rite Church Calendar business over 27 years ago is still thriving! These calendars are great for keeping up with the Old Believer fast and what prayers are done for the days. Also great to know which days are major holidays for work and what days the church services are. And the information on the BACK of the church calendar pages is so well put together. Dad, you're awesome! Way to lead in the Russian Calendar industry! Quotes
Christina Riordan
Daughter of Rev. Pavel