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This calendar project began in 1983 in the village of Nikolaevsk, Alaska. Russian Old believers needed a calendar to live by day to day. All of the information is put into the calendar according to those who live by the faith. It has been made annually, as a guide to the Old Believers traditional way of life, including all celebrated holidays, weekly liturgy reading, periods of lent, specific fasting requirements of days, and words of scripture, in both Russian and English languages.

For calendar information or information on how to place an order online,
please contact:

Reverend Pavel Fefelov & Natalia Fefelov
30810 S. Needy Road, Canby, Oregon 97013
   Phone: (503) 989-4239

We look forward to hearing from you! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • "It has helped me to see what days are holidays and what days are postiniy days."
    Paraskovia Lalev
    I like them!
  • "Dear in Christ: + The Lord Bless You. We as monks found this calendar to be of great help to us, absolutely a need for all Old Believers. Very satisfied, we shall keep all in..."
    Father Monk Matthew
    Stavrophore Monk-OldBeliever
  • "I remember when dad first started publishing this calendar for our family to follow the fasting days and plan for vacation days on upcoming holydays. Today these calendars are d..."
    Luba Fefelov
    calendar testimonial

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